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Chelita McDuffie


I'm Chelita McDuffie, a visionary designer and self-taught creative from Richmond, Virginia. Since childhood, sewing and fashion have fueled my passion. Transforming my grandmother's sewing needles and old nightgowns into doll clothes ignited my love for design.

While working in the corporate world for twelve years, I felt my creative spark fade. Determined to reclaim my artistic freedom, I launched Chelita Lenice LLC. My brand showcases vibrant colors, bold prints, and textured fabrics in stunning special occasion and sportswear pieces. The fusion of hard and soft elements defines my unique aesthetic.

Driven by a desire to inspire and empower, I founded "That's Sew Creative!"—my sewing instructional business. It's my way of nurturing and mentoring aspiring creatives, especially within the BIPOC community.

Being VP of Student Icons has taught me so much about life and inspiring others. I started my journey with the team in 2016 as a volunteer and who would have known 6 years later I would have been VP! My commitment to continuing to influence this generation continues grow and fuels my desire to excel. Making a positive impact on others' lives is my calling.

My mission to educate, motivate, and provide exceptional products and services. I strive to inspire greatness, promote inclusivity, and empower individuals to embrace their unique identities.

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